What is embedded insurance?

Embedded insurance is risk protection available exactly at the moment you get the thing that needs protecting.

Buying a car, starting a job, having a baby — these are some of life’s biggest moments. They’re always exciting, a little bit scary, and usually very important. 

Salty simplifies these critical moments, embedding insurance directly into the purchase. This puts risk in your control and eliminates inefficiency and conflicts of interest. Then, if all goes well, you never need to worry again. It’s obvious if you think about it.

What kind of insurance do you offer?

We currently offer auto insurance and employee benefits. Two important things that used to be a chore. Now less chore-y.

How can I get insurance from Salty?

You get it embedded into other things you buy, from the companies that sell you those things — currently participating car dealers and employers.

While other insurance companies are spending millions on marketing, we’re saving our customers time and money by making insurance an inherent part of the transaction.

When will you offer other kinds of insurance?

Soon. Come work with us and help make it sooner.

Where is Salty licensed to offer insurance?

Salty is filed and licensed in the US. We work only with high-quality insurance partners.

Why are you called Salty?

We really need a better answer for this! Send us a story we can use and we’ll give you a t-shirt. Or maybe a job.

Are people ready for embedded insurance?

Yes. Some carriers have already sold car insurance in dealerships, with about 20% of customers buying insurance from in-house brokers. The problem? High overhead costs and the need for even more employees meant the model wasn’t really scalable — at all.

Salty doesn’t rely solely on people. We’re building software that makes the experience easy — for the customer and the dealership. Embedded insurance will continue to gain momentum as people continue to see its benefits. We’re all adopting new behaviors as other industries evolve; just look at Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix. When Amazon first launched, hardly anybody bought products online. Now online shopping is an essential part of everyday life. Soon, embedded insurance will be too.

What does the future of Salty look like?

We’re looking to build long-lasting partnerships with premier insurance carriers. Salty provides the types of customers each carrier is looking for. We’ll build the vision of embedded insurance together: a necessary set of products, so simple and easy to access, it feels like a subscription. And, we’ll do this by following the agency model that carriers are used to.